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Drop Off Instructions!

Drop Off Instructions For Bridal Bouquets And Funeral Flowers


  1. Prearrangements are not necessary.  Stop in with your flowers and $100 deposit to start the process typically within 3 days of the event.  (Please call for shipping instructions if you are out of town.)
  2. Keep flowers refrigerated in clean water.  Recut stems if possible.  DO NOT FREEZE.
  3. We offer quality air tight containers and do not accept outside frames or domes.
  4. Our specialists will guide you in making the right choice for your container or frame and mat.
  5. If you are not ready to make your container choices at drop off, we allow a few weeks to return to make your container choice.  Its very common for the bride to be out of town and not available at time of drop off.
  6. Container choice must be made and balance paid in full within 4 weeks of drop off.
  7. With exception of very small domes, the timeframe from drop off to finish is 4-6 months.
  8. Items/photos that are to be included in final container are not needed at drop off.
  9. Final shadowbox will last a lifetime with proper care.